Everything Goes Wrong: How to Survive New Windows 10 Update

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Windows is a pioneer in the OS domain that made a revolution one day. At the same time, Windows tries to keep up with updating the OS and fixing the security holes that may have a tremendous impact on one’s data integrity. While many releases launch without problems, some of them show bugs that cause unease because they were oriented on security.

Here are some updates on the problematic releases and their implications of your data integrity and security. You may ask yourself is Windows Defender enough in 2020 and how these bugs can affect overall system security. Also, you may ask: how to stay at the safe side when the new Windows updates collapse? We have an answer to these questions.

Previous Updates

KB4524570 (OS Build 18363.476)

This particular update fixed the security issues in Windows and Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge (HTML-based) browsers. It protects from the Intel® Transactional Synchronization Extensions (Intel® TSX) Transaction Asynchronous Abort vulnerability.

However, the inability to create a local user when setting up a new Windows device during the use of the Out of Box Experience (OOBE) and Input Method Editor (IME) was the known issue associated with this update. The issue affected users who utilized IME for Chinese, Japanese, or Korean languages.

KB4532693 (OS Build 18363.657) and KB4535996 (OS Build 18363.693)

Two February updates that covered the variety of bugs. KB4532693 had one issue with Windows Server container images due to the security changes, which was fixed in the KB4542617 update.

Overall, both versions dealt with small bugs and plugs of a series of security vulnerabilities. KB4532693 also provided several Windows components with patches that improved their security. KB4535996 focused on more specific bugs associated with the printer’s network and Microsoft Narrator shutting down.

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The Latest Update and Issues Associated With It

KB4551762 (OS Build 18363.720)

The security-only update with a patch for Microsoft Server Message Block 3.1.1, the network communication protocol issue that provided shared access to files, printers, and serial ports. The known issue with this update is a problem with 32-bit applications and processed when using Windows Server containers.

However, it seems that out of all previous updates KB4551762 causes more troubles than it appears from the first sight. Later on, Windows Latest reported even more cases when users faced various crashes and bugs. Multiple users experienced audio problems (when having older sound cards), and some users experienced a user profile bug that caused Windows 10 to load a temporary user profile when booting up the system.

Microsoft promises to make things better and improve your data security no sooner than September 2020, according to their release, says Forbes. Let’s hope that Microsoft will resolve the matter as soon as possible without causing a heart attack of their loyal users who now must think about their data security and system functionality twice.

How to Check if Windows Defender Works Fine?

First of all, don’t panic and stay calm.

As a response to the problem back in September 2019, you had to update security intelligence for Windows Defender antivirus. You may do the same today, checking whether all components are working properly in the Windows Security Virus & Threat Protection screen. Checking whether your Windows Defender doesn’t require any additional knowledge or extra time.

If you are not sure that Windows Defender is on, you can always go to Task Manager and click on the Details tab. Scroll down and see if MsMpEng.exe is running in the status column.

You can also try to run your own independent test to check if Windows Defender is working properly, for instance, at Microsoft Windows Defender Testground. Secondly, you may try to run a test at Windows Defender SmartScreen Demo Pages.

If something goes off, you can always contact your local Microsoft representative office to consult with them.

Security Implications of Updates Bugs

Previous updates may have affected the overall system functionality, but Microsoft is prompt in their response to the potential dangers. If you have Windows Defender, you are probably worrying that this may affect the security shield you have. There are no reports that these

update problems may cause disruption in Windows Defender work, although the system glitches and crashes in some cases.

However, back in September 2019 Microsoft fixed Quick and Full scan bugs. On the other hand, the bug never affected real-time protection, and there was no possibility of having a security breach at all.

Should You Get Another Antivirus?

Of course, you can consider additional options if you are nor sure that Windows Defender is doing its job diligently. Please note that the installment of another software will temporarily disable your Windows Defender antivirus. However, there is no need to buy additional antivirus or security software because so far, Windows Defender proved to be decent protection for your Windows 10 system.

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